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Kredoaum memberikan layanan yang sangat bagus, dan untuk barang nya juga baik.

Royal Tulip Saranam Resort Hotel & Spa

Sangat suka dengan service maintenance dari Kredoaum, tetapi akan lebih baik apabila stock barang selalu tersedia di Indonesia.


Kredo.Aum is one of best choice for a profesional Fitness company. They provide excelent spare part and knowledgeable technician. How they looking the costumer is beyond of what I expect sometime, they just super profesional and I will never regret to choose Kredo.Aum as my Fitness solution.


Kredo.Aum and 20FIT went back since before 20FIT was established. We sourced our equipments mainly EMS machine from them and from the start of ordering, delivering and maintenance, Kredo.Aum has always been helpful and professional. This partnership continued when we built our second brand FITSTOP which Kredo.Aum helped with consultation and equipments. We are a happy customer and hope to have a long partnership with Kredo.Aum in years to come.