Alter G Treadmill Anti-Gravitasi


  • Reduce the stress and impact on your joints and muscles while you exercise
  • Take the pain out of exercise and running by reducing your bodyweight and impact
  • Keep exercising when an injury, soreness, or painful joints would otherwise keep you off your feet
  • Improved aerobic conditioning while reducing ground reaction forces
  • Safer adaptation to increased mileage (eg. marathon training) and transitioning to minimalist running
  • Overspeed training (run faster longer) and hill intervals (0-15% incline)
  • Interval Training in a controlled setting
  • Build endurance and leg strength without the usual pounding and impact on your body
  • Push your training sessions further and longer with less risk of injury
  • Recover faster after a game, race or hard workout – “active recovery”


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The AlterG® enables athletes to train harder and enhance their physical therapy experience while rehabilitating from a sports related injury. With the AlterG®, you can:

  • Maintain and develop fitness while recovering from an injury.
  • Achieve a higher level of conditioning without putting extra stress on your joints and muscles.
  • Recover faster after a game, race, or hard workout – “active recovery”
  • Track progress clearly and easily.
  • Develop the confidence to push yourself harder during training and rehab.
  • The AlterG® is the first FDA cleared therapeutic device that allows for precise partial weight-bearing exercise.
  • Developed using NASA technology for exercise programs in training astronauts, AlterG® uses differential air pressure chambers to precisely lift the user from 100% to as little as 20% of the user’s calibrated body weight.
  • Reduction in body weight can occur in 1% increments allowing for a gradual progression into full weight-bearing activities.