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  • Precor CW2137


    [inggrisnya]4-Stack The 4-Stack CW2137 is an Icarian® multi-station that combines two adjustable hi/lo pulleys, a long pull and a pull down. This piece is highly space efficient while providing a variety of exercises on one unit for multiple users.  Our Icarian products are highly durable, a long lasting investment for your facility. [/inggrisnya][indonya]4-Stack 4- Stack…

  • Precor 808


    [inggrisnya]Barbell Rack The 808 Barbell Rack provides maximum efficiency in storage capacity for barbells in a minimum amount of floor space. Guards on the bar holders and frame help protect equipment. [/inggrisnya][indonya]Barbell Rack 808 Barbell Rack memberikan efisiensi maksimum dalam kapasitas penyimpanan untuk barbel. Terdapat pelindung pada pemegang bar dan frame untuk melindungi peralatan. [/indonya]

  • Inbody J30


    [inggrisnya]The InBodyJ30 For Child Healthcare. Body composition analyser with an accurate stadiometer Normal range is provided according to examinee’s age Growth chart to monitor growth status [/inggrisnya][indonya]InBodyJ30 untuk Memonitor Kesehatan dan Pertumbuhan Anak. Menganalisis komposisi tubuh dengan stadiometer yang akurat. Rentang normal disediakan sebagai panduan sesuai dengan usia pengguna. Grafik pertumbuhan berguna untuk memonitor status…

  • Precor FT334


    [inggrisnya]Pulldown The FT334 Pulldown offers user-defined overhead pulling motion, including diverging and independent movements. While designed primarily as a back movement, creative users and trainers of the FT334 Pulldown will also discover that many other exercises can be performed with this unit. The dual weight stacks create incremental adjustments that are small for all levels…

  • Smith Machine The bold, sleek design of the Discovery™ Smith Machine features high head clearance and a clean, walk through design. The 11 degree angle and innovative Smith Bar design produces a s

  • Inbody 770


    [inggrisnya]The InBody 770 Research Grade Analysis. With accurate results and abundant measurement outputs, the InBody770 is a premium body composition analyzer which is used for medical research, patient’s monitoring, sports medicine, and so on. Many of the world’s famous hospitals and doctors are using the InBody770 as a research tool as it is providing plenty…

  • [inggrisnya]With the integrated transponder card, users can put together their own personal applications and goals – which can be called up at any time at the push of a button. This makes the transponder card system an extra guarantee of targeted personal training with miha bodytec. Maximum luxury and minimum expense.[/inggrisnya][indonya]Dengan kartu transponder yang terintegrasi,…

  • Console Type: 8x16 Dot-Matrix w/Message Window HR Status Bar Display Feedback: Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Watt, RPM, Level, METs, Calories Programs: Target, Rolling, Valley, Fat Burn, Ramp, Fitness Test, Random, HRC Power Requirement: Self-Powered

  • Upright Bike The UBK 885 upright bike features custom-designed handlebars with integrated touch heart rate for maximum comfort and efficient workout experience. One-handed seat adjustment on or off the bike, redesigned saddle for riding comfort and improved knee over pedal spindle (KOPS) geometry for efficient pedalling mean a smooth, comfortable workout

  • • Ø50mm/2" sleeve olympic size • Grip 25mm, 10pc needle roller bearing with 2 stainless sockets • Made of spring steel. • Loading capacity 1500lbs tested • Weight: 15KG

  • Glute Extension The sound biomechanics of the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line Glute Extension deliver a unique, targeted workout for the user. Elbow pad, handles and large base platform stabilize the user during exercise and deliver a smooth, flowing and precise motion.

  • • PU cover • Anti-slip back pad included.