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  • Leg Extension With a spring-assisted back pad that adjusts easily from the seated position, reliability and ease-of-use are evident to users of the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line Leg Extension. The start position and roller pad adjust for optimal exercise mechanics.

  • Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer The EFX 885 combines the benefits of CrossRamp technology and upper body moving handlebars for a

  • Console Type: 10.1" Digital TFT LCD Display Feedback: Time, Distance, Heart Rate, Calories, Speed, Incline Programs: Quick Start, Target HR, Fat Burn, Cardio, Random, Hill, Manual, Customize, Time Goal, Calories Goal, Distance Goal, 3 HRC Pre-Wax System: Standard Quick Shift: Standard

  • Inbody 770


    [inggrisnya]The InBody 770 Research Grade Analysis. With accurate results and abundant measurement outputs, the InBody770 is a premium body composition analyzer which is used for medical research, patient’s monitoring, sports medicine, and so on. Many of the world’s famous hospitals and doctors are using the InBody770 as a research tool as it is providing plenty…

  • Recumbent Bike The RBK 885 recumbent bike features our 880 Line console and a step-through design to appeal to a wide range of exercisers of all ages. The simple seat adjustment allows the user to change the position of the seat with one hand, either on or off the bike. A ventilated air flex seat…

  • • Hard chrome handle with uni-size for all weights • Multi-direction grip • Precise cast iron core covered by even thickness of polyurethane Coating

  • Seated Leg Curl Ensuring optimal interaction between user and equipment, the knee pad of the Discovery™ Series Selectorized Line Seated Leg Curl moves with the lower legs – no thigh hold-down panel is required. Start position and roller pads adjust for sound biomechanics. Spring-assisted back pad that adjusts easily from the seated position.

  • • EVA foam • 90cm length • With massage dots

  • Precor 312


    [inggrisnya]Back Extension Help users strengthen a crucial part of their body with the 312 Back Extension. Durable and easy to use, it provides a solid strength-training foundation. Snap-pin assembly with easy-grip pull-pin and “slide” insert for easy adjustment to accommodate a full range of users.[/inggrisnya][indonya]Back Extension Membantu pengguna memperkuat bagian penting dari tubuh mereka dengan…

  • Precor CW2275


    [inggrisnya]6-Stack The 6-Stack CW2275 is an Icarian® multi-station that combines a pull down, long pull, cable crossover, triceps push down and dip-chin assist.  This unit allows you to accommodate more users while providing all the traditional movements on one unit.  Our Icarian products are highly durable, a long lasting investment for your facility. [/inggrisnya][indonya]6-Stack 6…